Jesus' command on loving the unloved:
Romans 9:25 (MSG) says, "I’ll call the nobodies and make them somebodies; I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved”  The orphans (James 1:27) and unborn are near and dear to Jesus heart.  We reach out to those whom the world has forgotten.

As believers and doers of His Word, we come together in ministry and pray the prayers of Jesus' heart for these unlovable (Luke 6:28) and unloved people (Matthew 25:35-40).

Jesus' command on loving the unlovable:

32 "If you love only someone who loves you, will God praise you for that? Even sinners love people who love them. 33 If you are kind only to someone who is kind to you, will God be pleased with you for that? Even sinners are kind to people who are kind to them." In other words, He expects so much more from us than the world and that we shouldn't think highly of ourselves when we are only good to those who treat us well.  Jesus goes on to say in verses 35-36: "​35 But love your enemies and be good to them. Lend without expecting to be paid back.[ Then you will get a great reward, and you will be the true children of God in heaven. He is good even to people who are unthankful and cruel. Have pity on others, just as your Father has pity on you."  We please God when we love and show compassion, especially towards those who mistreat us . (Luke 6:32-33)​​​​





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